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The Ironwood Barn

Reception interior

At The Ironwood Ranch, we offer nature-inspired decor and authentic wooden accents along with the floor to ceiling window overlooking the Hill Country beauty as a setting for you to customize your day unique to you.

With unforgettable views and unique touches throughout the venue, The Ironwood Ranch will create fond memories of your wedding for years to come. 

We give you a truly unforgettable experience where elegance meets rustic charm to create a timeless special event like no other. 

We have considered every detail to make your day exactly what you are dreaming of. From the Bridal Suite complete with makeup counter and mirrors, to the Groomsmen house complete with a pool table and comfortable seating.

About Boerne Texas

You will love the charm of Boerne Texas! Main Street is nothing short of a Hallmark movie. There are restaurants ranging from cozy and quaint to upscale cuisine that are perfect for rehearsal dinners and time with family and friends.

Looking for live music? Look no further. There are several establishments along the Hill Country Mile that offer live music each night. 

Boerne water tower
Boerne town square
Boerne main street
Ranch overview

Von Erich Ranch

At the heart of the Von Erich family ranch, we aim to celebrate God's generous provision, which we have witnessed in all aspects of our life. We have seen His faithfulness through sickness and health, through both lack and abundance. His goodness has been especially apparent during the journey from our farm on the lush island of Kaua’i, back to the beautiful landscapes of Texas, our homeland.

Our mission is to create a space where love, joy, and fellowship flourish. With every event we host, we want to extend genuine Texas hospitality and exceptional service, nurturing an atmosphere of warmth and welcome.

Through our venue, we aspire to be a testament to God's continual generosity, standing as a beacon of hope for when those inevitable storms of life make themselves known. We invite individuals and couples to embark on their significant milestones and celebrations within our doors, knowing that the love of Christ permeates every corner.

By combining our deep-rooted values, attention to detail, and a commitment to real hospitality, we provide a haven where dreams become reality and lasting memories are created. Our dedicated team endeavors to create an enchanting experience, tailored to the unique vision and desires of each client, ensuring that their special day surpasses all expectations.

Together, we embrace our calling to serve and uplift our community. With gratitude in our hearts, we pledge to faithfully steward this extraordinary place, allowing God's love to shine through every event, every wedding, and every precious moment shared within these walls.

With God as our guide, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey of love and celebration as we together experience the abundant grace and blessings that flow from the heart of Texas.


Contact us

For any inquiries or to start planning your next celebration, please get in touch.

1637 FM 473

Boerne, Texas 78006

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